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From Heart to Hand

Is there someone who has been on your mind lately? Do you remember the days when this would happen and, instead of picking up the phone to make a long-distance call, you would pull out some stationery and pen, sit, and take the time to write him or her a letter? There was almost something calming and spiritual about this process—sealing the envelope, picking out a stamp, walking down to the mailbox, and putting up the red flag as your letter sat there waiting for the mailman to pick it up and get it to its intended destination.

Do you remember when you would open the mailbox at the end of what seemed to be a very long day and, among the junk and bills, find it, an envelope addressed to you with the return address label actually from a friend? When was the last time you received a letter? When was the last time you wrote a missive? Undoubtedly writing letters has become a lost art, but hopefully after reading this, you will be inspired to help in the revitalization of the lost art of a written letter.

What you are about to read are honest, authentic, and sometimes even embarrassing, but always heartfelt, letters of gratitude I have written to people who have inspired me or helped me, thanking them for the help or inspiration they provided in my life. If you enjoy love, laughter, and sentimental stories that show complete vulnerability, you will enjoy sinking your teeth into this work, and you might end up writing a letter to someone you have been meaning to catch up with.

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